Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Hake with Onion, Fennel and Tomatoes

Last night, the weather was perfect for a quiet supper in the garden. I cooked hake - an over-looked fish but in my farmers market - and here's how. It's the sort of cooking I like - low maintenance - it doesn't mean the cooking's quick, just the amount of time preparing - then you can leave it to get on by itself. I sliced one large onion and crushed a few (probably about 4-5) garlic cloves and softened them in olive oil. Then I added a couple of thinly sliced potatoes (it would have been better if they'd been waxier), a similarly cut fennel bulb and about 6 quartered tomoates, pour over a glug of white wine and left the whole thing to simmer for about 30 minutes, then I added a couple of hefty hake steaks (well seasoned with sea salt) sprinkled a genenrous handful of finely chopped parsley (the english curly kind, it's more gutsy) and left it to soft. After about 10-ish minutes, it was done and all that was need was a green salad. I gather the weather is holding today but I'm out tonight - at Quo Vadis, I hope. I'll let you know about that - meanwhile any other simple supper recipes in the low maintenance mode? I'd like to hear............


  1. low maintenance and born out of desperation, last night i fried some red onions with lots of garlic, added chopped sausages, chopped over-ripe tomatoes, olives and a really good glug of red wine. Simmered until reduced, tossed in perhaps a tad too many dried chilli flakes, and tossed with tagliatelle. Could have done with some parsley but as a supper created from apparently nothing in the fridge, it was delicious.

  2. Low maintenance and hassle-free cooking are a must-have for any student's "late for a lecture lunch". Whilst I am often tempted (shamefully so) to go down the ready meal route when in a rush, one low maintenance creation that i can always rely upon for a fast, flavoursome fix, is egg fried rice. It could not be more simple to make, after cooking my rice it is just a case of adding whichever vegetables, meat or seafood to the pan with a splash of soy sauce, oyster sauce and olive oil. Not only does it take little preparation, but it allows you to use up an array of leftovers and fulfils all your comfort food cravings.