Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Calling all Local Food Lovers

This is a blog for everybody who loves (or, don't be shy, ..also hates) anything about local British food. If you want to share a find, you've a bee in your bonnet or an axe to grind, then I'd love this to become the place to shout about it.

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  1. The Baby Lamb Scam? How many of you know that most commercially grown lamb gets killed at 4 months.....because the farmer is paid the same price whether it weighs 19 or 25 kilos. Argument:today's housewife wants small cuts......really? Would she if she knew it wasnt even weaned? We need a campaign to pay the farmer for grown lamb, hogget, mutton AND butcher it accordingly. Fixed contracts prevent later grown lamb also in favour of NZ imports. Will you read this Hugh and Jamie and do something about it? Rare Breed lamb is bigger, tastier and also grows a desirable fleece - lets change the spec. Julia Desch Beech Hill Farm Black Pedigree Wensleydale Longwools.