Friday, 16 January 2009

The gluten free sourdough starter recipe

For those of you who would like to follow in my gluten free footsteps, here is the recipe I have been following, slightly amended from Bread Matters book:
Day 1
Mix 30g brown rice flour with 40g body temperature water in a plastic tub and cover with a tea towel or polythene bag in a warm room.
Day 2
Add another 30g brown rice flour and 40g water to the starter from day 1 and mix well. Cover and leave in the same place.
Day 3
Mix in another batch of the 30g rice flour and 40g water to the now 14og of starter. The mixture should be rising like a dough with bubbles and a yeasty aroma. Stir well and cover for another day.
Day 4
Add 45g brown rice flour and 50g water to the starter, and after 24hours you should have a sourdough to get baking with.
This is where I had problems...I ran out of brown rice flour. To compensate for this, I have repeated day 3 and will do day 4 on day 5 at home where the rice flour is, then get baking!

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