Monday, 12 January 2009

Kim's gluten free rice sourdough challenge

We're quite a foodie little team here at FoodLovers and when Ben decided to run a sourdough challenge on the blog, making his own starter from scratch running in conjunction with Our Daily Bread, I thought I should represent my own. I love bread. Who doesn't love the smell of freshly baked bread, or the mouth watering aroma of bread toasting...? But you see I can't eat it. I have Coeliac Disease. However this doesn't mean that I cannot appreciate real bread as I used to before I was diagnosed.
In keeping with the foodie experiments in the office, I too am taking up a sourdough challenge - just this one happens to be gluten free. In all honesty, I haven't even tried many of the ready made gluten free breads as they are dry, laced with additives to make it like "real bread" and deliver none of the satisfaction of simple well made bread - such as loaves from Born & Bread. So now I am attempting to make my own - truly from scratch - starting with the brown rice sourdough as per the recipe in Bread Matters by Andrew Whitely which uses brown rice flour, rich in wild yeasts as the natural leven for my gluten free bread. Like Ben, I will post the activity of the sourdough each day complete with pictures and observations, finishing with my first, home baked gluten free Potato and Quinoa Bread. I am quite excited about the prospect of eating amazing gluten free bread...have you ever had such a thing?


  1. Just came across your blog looking for gluten-free naturally leavened bread recipes - I'd love to hear how your rice sourdough turned out! I have a hankering to start up my own gluten-free sourdough starter, so I'd love to hear about any experimenting you've done! I'm thinking of trying out a quinoa or quinoa/millet combo for the starter... hope to hear from you! i have a blog too,

  2. Hi Kim - Kim here(bizzarely!) Check out fir the results of the natural leven...will post it on here too. Let me know how you get on with the quinoa starter!