Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Taking Part In The Sourdough Challenge

Last night:
This Morning:
My Sister and co back at home are taking part in the Sourdough Challenge - probably just to stop me going on about it - and I've just got sent some pictures of how they're getting on and I must admit I'm a little irritated that they've got Hooch and I haven't!
You can read about Hooch on my recipe, but it's basically a liquid bi product of the fermentation process which looks, smells and is very like beer - and you can see it clearly in the photo here. It's nothing that's necessary to the process and why some get it and others don't is a bit of a mystery but to have it after just one night is pretty remarkable!
We'll have to see how they get on! You can see their comments below...


  1. Immense fun! Already looks good enough to eat!

  2. hoochalicious, baby!

  3. Hopefully the smell can be 'exterminated'