Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy Food Loving New Year!

First of all I want to wish all Food Lovers a happy and delicious 2009. According to the press, its going to be a year of cooking and eating at home. I have to admit, for New Years Eve we treated ourselves to supper at Le Cafe Anglais in the anticipation of cutting back on eating out in the new year - so maybe I am just like everyone else. The other trend being reported is the down turn in organic food sales... I am a dedicated subscriber to my muddy, just picked organic veg box - and will be turning to my new season savoy cabbage tonight instead of meeting with my partner for an impromptu dinner on the way home from work.
If you are one of the reported foodies cutting back on the eating out - spend a little of that saving supporting our farmers in these tough times and make your suppers all the more interesting. What else would Food Lovers spend their money on...?


  1. Hi,
    Instead of eating out quite so much I'm cooking more at home for friends and family. We made a wonderful sushi and sashimi meal this week. I'm also buying things that go a bit further for example, really wonderful whole leaf Japanese green and herbal teas that you can infuse the same set of leaves over and over. I love Mr Aoki and Sobacha (a roasted buckwheat nib full of B vitamins and circulation-boosting antioxidants). Real value for money and super healthy too. I'm also hot-smoking my own chicken and haddock over Zheng Xiao Lapsang. It's loads of fun (don't know how well it goes down with my neighbours!) and much tastier and cheaper than shop/smokery bought fish.
    There are so many things you can do. We've even passed our tips onto our frinds who are returning the favour and inviting us round to theirs more often. What a bonus!
    Have a foodie January!

    ps. I baked my own soda bread with smoked oat flour the other day - delicious with steaming hot parsnip soup!

  2. I too am a fan of Sobacha - I've been drinking it a lot lately and you can just top it up and up!!

    I love the sound of the sourdough with smoked oak flour - have you seen about my sourdough challenge - you should take part. It's starting on monday!

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