Friday, 23 January 2009

Book Reviews

In the FoodLovers Britain offices we get loads of cookbooks sent to us for review (lucky us!) but I still can't get enough (you really never can have too many) so I thought why don't we swap reviews so that we all know which are worth splashing the cash on and which aren't. I'm going to start regularly posting reviews of new books I read as well as some favourites from my personal library here on the blog and you can leave your comments on the books you've read and then together we can build up a review archive to guide our shopping...
Leave your book reviews here in the comments section. There may even be a book or two for some of our favourites...


  1. I have lots of books that I like, but the one I reach for time and time again for fail safe recipes is 'Best Kept Secrets of the Women's Institute: Soups'

    The book is divided into sections, each dedicated to one of the four seasons detailing appropriate soups for that time of year.

    The recipes are laid out with clear and simple ingredients lists and directions. A selection of the soups are illustrated.

    Being from the WI, you can be reassured that the recipes are thoroughly tried and tested. The directions are easy to understand and there are useful notes in the preface.

    I am not a chef, I am a home cook, so I like to use recipes that reflect that: simple, tasty and unfussy. I know soups are in essence very easy to make, but what this book also does is provide inspiration, how to concoct something warming and delicious from the random selection of vegetables that you happen to have in the fridge that day.

    I often see what is available in the cupboards and then scan the index for entries that match, with satisfying results. From a classic Cabbage or French Onion to the more unusual Chilli Bean and Celery & Cashew there is something for every taste in this book.

    From the complete novice to an experienced and competent home cook such as myself, everyone will find this book a useful addition to their kitchen library.


  2. The book sounds great - I really like the idea of the celery and cashew soup - I'll be giving that a try soon...